New South Wales

how to kill crabgrass in summer

Crabgrass is an annual summer weed that seems to eventually crop up in almost any lawn. Crabgrass can be controlled with crabgrass killer products and cultural methods, but often you will need a product to boost your weed-fighting efforts. ... More

how to get rid of scabs on scalp from bleaching

I had a friend dye it pink and was covering over it...I did not get a scalded scalp from bleaching and dying pink but anytime I dye my hair to a natural color I do...please Help, I would love to ... More

how to get your cpl through flight school

When you have achieved 150 hours flying time total in your log book you can then take your CPL, Multi-Engine and Instrument rating courses. During this period you will also need to carry out a cross country flight of 300NM with two landings at different airfields in the same day. ... More

how to get to lady martins beach

This is Goose Creek Road and after 16 km it will take you to the beach at Martin Head. The road gets progressively more rough. You can get to within about 2-3 km of the beach in a car if you drive slow and are careful. You will need an off road vehicle with some clearance to get all the way to the beach. ... More

how to get mew in yellow version

Mad Mew Mew is a secret miniboss in Papyrus and Sans's House exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of Undertale. Mad Mew Mew appears in one of 3 dresses when first encountered. She will appear in the same dress during the fight she wore when revisiting her in front of Undyne's house in the... ... More

how to know the ram of my computer windows 7

Check Computer Memory Usage Easily. To open up Resource Monitor just press Windows Key + R and then type resmon into the search box. ... More

how to go from rags to riches

And though they went from riches to rags , THEIR HEART says , WE HAVE WENT FROM RAGS TO RICHES , our walk is closer with HIM than ever before , HE IS OURTREASURE . So despise not persctuion , nor correction , take heed and repent and learn . ... More

how to get rid of spirits attached to you

Attached Spirit Release. Attached Spirit Release is our own method of dealing with attached spirits and entities. When an earthbound spirit comes into your life, the way to get it out is not trying to force it to leave, but rather by offering it somewhere better to go. ... More

how to get ringtones on iphone 7

Submit your top best ringtone apps for iPhone X/87/7 Plus, iPhone 6 and other iOS devices, and give your ideas by commenting. We’ll keep this post updated by removing the bad, adding the new and rising the good ringtones programs. ... More

how to find url of wireless camera

21/02/2016 · Find out why Close. How to find an IP camera's RTSP URL with Wireshark! tittytwister5251 Mix - How to find an IP camera's RTSP URL with Wireshark! YouTube; Female Magician SHOCKS Penn & Teller ... More

how to fix internet explorer browser problems

9/11/2008 Save videos for later by signing up or logging in. With "My Queue" you can quickly save videos to watch later. To add an item to your queue just click the sign next to the video. ... More

how to grow hops in mn

So aside from growing grain, hops and making beer…I think I’d just stick with the hops to start. Sorry I don’t have much more information for you. I’m hoping to … ... More

yearlink t41p how to answer with a call on hold

• All: Press the 2nd (flashing) line key to hold the first call and answer Note: If only 1 Line Key is configured you will use the “Answer” soft key • All: Press the 1st line key to hold the second call and return to the first. ... More

how to get your boyfriend to take you back

As a bisexual who has experienced her fair share of romance and breakups, I can say with 100% certainty that it is possible to get your ex back. You just got to ... More

how to fly using green screen

Balancer chromosomes are special, modified chromosomes used for genetically screening a population of organisms to select for heterozygotes. Balancer chromosomes can be used as a genetic tool to prevent crossing over (genetic recombination) between homologous chromosomes during meiosis. ... More

how to learn form art

Traditional Japanese art forms have been a source of fascination and inspiration for centuries. Learn about each one and where to experience them! Learn about each ... More

how to get google play on nabi 1

Try and get your grandma to go from looking at a blank browser tab to having the play store installed, its not going to happen, and it shouldn’t have to, you can spout on, about facts and rubbish but unless you look at it from the perspective of your dear old nan you wont get it ... More

how to find out your penis size

Oh if they have the hots for you, you wont have to ask. Ive had men pull their shorts down and show me without me even inquiring as to what size load they are carrying down below. ... More

how to get crafting experience revelation

22/10/2016 About Us MCProHosting is the world's largest and leading server provider founded in 2011. Our mission is to provide a premium service backed by a committed groups of individuals who work to ensure your experience is nothing but the best. ... More

how to get the best share

You can go into computer management (right click my computer, select manage), expand the Shared Folders node and see a list of all shares, connected sessions and open files. ... More

how to get hula hair

You searched for: hula girl hair! Etsy is the home to thousands of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and gifts related to your search. No matter what you’re looking for or where you are in the world, our global marketplace of sellers can help you find unique and affordable options. Let’s get … ... More

how to get gold on skyrim

Merchants in general in Skyrim get their gold back in 48 hours. As stated in this answer to a similar question, you can simply press T to wait the 48 hours until she restocks. ... More

how to get beautiful eyes men

What makes your eyes sexy and inviting? Researchers say, large pupils. A researcher named Dr. Eckhard Hess, demonstrated that large pupils were more sexy by showing two pictures of a woman's face to a group of men. ... More

how to get minecraft for free on pc

minecraft pc free download - GoToAssist, Minecraft, WhatsApp for PC, and many more programs . minecraft pc free download - GoToAssist, Minecraft, WhatsApp for PC, and many more programs. minecraft ... More

how to get bigger pecs reddit

(Related: 4 ways to get bigger pecs) How: - Lie on a flat bench and hold a dumbbell in each hand. - Maintain a neutral grip and begin with your arms straight, directly above you. - Bend your arms ... More

how to get gold camo ww2

Takes longer to get gold guns on Black ops 2 than mw3? I'd say thats wrong, Black ops 2 is so much easier to get gold guns. It requires more different challenges, but I'd say it is easier than Mw3. ... More

how to make white paint look antique

Your antique white cabinets only look yellow because they are next to bright white primer on the walls. Once you paint the walls a different color, they will "read" white. Just don't paint the walls a bright white or use white appliances. ... More

how to know an intervention is successful

Performance Improvement – Factors Solutions Intervention & Evaluation Read the following scenario and respond to the questions that follow. The workers on the assembly line of the WizzyWats factory were not identifying defective components correctly as the items passed their stations. ... More

how to get rid of fruit flies in cafe

I will tell you that if you have been canning for 3 months straight and your fruit fly infestation has reached 2 billion you will have to set a trap like this for several days in a row to get them all. ... More

how to give multiple people permission to discord music bot

permissions (Permissions) – The permissions you’re requesting. If not given then you won’t be requesting any permissions. If not given then you won’t be requesting any permissions. server ( Server ) – The server to pre-select in the authorization screen, if available. ... More

how to get straight eyebrows korean

So here is how I do my eyebrows. It’s really simple and very easy to achieve. I hope you enjoy my lifeless eyebrows and see you guys next time! 😀 ♥ ... More

how to give men great oral

One thing all men seem to love though, is when you swallow their juices like unwanted gum. But there’s a long way to go before you get there. But there’s a long way to go before you get there. ... More

how to get any pokemon on pokemon uranium

Where can you find Pokemon uranium gameshark codes? SAVE CANCEL. already exists. Would you like to merge this question into it? no it doesnt have any cheats Share to: Answered. In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen. What are Pokemon LeafGreen GameShark codes? First get a gameshark then look online for codes after that put the gameshark in the leafgreen game then type in codes. Also the … ... More

how to know if a capacitro is run or start

Home > Blog > Motor Start Capacitors vs Motor Run Capacitors. Motor Start Capacitors vs Motor Run Capacitors. Written by: Jack . We are often asked about the difference between the two different types of motor capacitors: motor run and motor start. Here are the basic differences between the two: Motor Start Capacitors The primary purpose of a motor start capacitor is to briefly increase the ... More

how to join a blackboard collaborate session

Join a Collaborate Session Rev 12.13 Page 1 of 3 Center for the Advancement of Teaching Xavier University of Louisiana NOTE: Mac and PC users should always run a system check well in advance of ing a join Blackboard Collaborate web conference session to make sure your computer is setup and ready to go. Running the system check well in advance of your Collaborate session will allow you ... More

how to fix a broken clip of pany

Some great memories from 2018: We made our 2nd record, had a couple songs on the Billboard charts, played Red Rocks, The Wiltern, Jimmy Kimmel Show, found out we were opening for Bob Seger, and by the looks of it, did some good hanging on the patio! ... More

how to get hepatitis c

Hepatitis C infection is caused by the hepatitis c virus which is transmitted through blood to blood contact. When a person is first infected with hepatitis C they may have short-term symptoms known as an acute infection. ... More

how to find peer reviewed journals on google

You can find databases listed by subject area in the Subject Resources box on the main page. Search Tip: Some databases contain only peer-reviewed journals, while others have both peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed content. ... More

how to get ardite in skyfactory

The Stencil Table is used to create Tool Patterns, to be placed in a Pattern Chest or used directly in a Part Builder. Use. Place a Blank Pattern on a Stencil Table, and press the "Next Pattern" or "Previous Pattern" buttons in the table's GUI until the desired stencil is … ... More

how to get into investing money

If you have more than $100 to invest, you can check out this video where I cover 5 ways to invest $500: You might be wondering how much money youll need to have to retire . Well, I recently put up an article on Forbes that seeks to answer the question if $2 million was enough for a couple to retire. ... More

how to get oghrim to join

13/04/2011 peacefully or defend the city and get more soldiers to help in the final assault on Amaranthine or defend the trade routes and get more income to the Keep or distribute the soldiers and defend all of them. ... More

how to join yarn in centre if a row

Changing Yarn Colors in the Middle of the Row Using the Basic Method You can use the Basic Method to change yarn colors in the middle of a row too, but you need to add a step to get your new yarn color anchored. ... More

how to find your sense of style test

How to find your own sense of style - Fashion Style Mag. How to find your own sense of style - Fashion Style Mag. Visit. Discover ideas about Moda 2018. Todo lo relacionado con moda, decoracion, belleza, salud. Moda 2018 Ropa De Moda Ropa Casual Moda Para Senoras Moda Para Damas Moda Para Mujer Estilo 50 Estilo ... More

how to get to frantic factory dk64

Donkey Kong 64 contains a variety of glitches, to a degree that the game is often considered to be one of the most broken games on the Nintendo 64, lag issues were very common, most noticeably in Frantic Factory and few other places, the developers noticed that, and implemented a movement speed-to-lag system, where the more lag there is, the faster characters move. This led to there being a ... More

subnautica how to get the seaglide

get the solar upgrade in the moonpool when you get it its a lot easer but always have a back up battery have fun. He was asking for the seaglide , not the seamoth. I ... More

how to watch live tv on roku 3

Live TV On Roku • • • • Roku is best among the most admired wireless tools on streaming. They provide users with contents containing tremendously modernized on-demand streaming. ... More

how to overcome the spirit of fear

Fears, the Spirit of Fear. How to overcome fear, Bible message on fear & overcoming fears, Bible verses scriptures kjv on fear, worry, anxiety. ... More

how to live a luxurious life

Listen & Subscribe: on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Google Podcasts, Android Device Being on the journey to Financial Independence doesnt always mean that you have to sacrifice the finer things in life. The Luxe Strategist, a personal finance blogger, is a 30-something New ... More

how to get itil certification training in punjab india

ITIL training in hyderabad, ITIL online training What others are saying "ITIL Online Training provided by Jagsar International is provided by highly experienced and qualified instructors that introduce you to ITIL and ensure you get a thorough understanding of IT management services and approaches." ... More

how to test if a cable is live india ground

Shop huge selection of high quality Earthing products like starter kits, grounded sheets, mats & more. Everything you need for Earthing and grounding at home! Everything you need for Earthing and grounding at home! ... More

how to keep stray cats away

Feral cats will almost always run away, even from humans that feed them on a regular basis. Feed the Cat Outdoors, But Also Get The Cat Spayed or Neutered This is ... More

how to install bar end mirrors

31/07/2012 · So i ordered a set of bar end mirrors, i removed the bar end weights and there is... A threaded block in the bar, does this get removed, if so how and if not how would i go about installing them cause if i just us the bolt the mirror will rotate with my throttle. ... More

how to creat email with live

In early 2016, Microsoft phased out Windows Live Hotmail, and the customer base moved to, the free web interface, where users were allowed to keep their Hotmail email addresses if they so desired. email users with Hotmail addresses can set up and format an email ... More

how to follow in rotmg

Following your feedback in the past weeks, we decided to double-down the development efforts to extend our capability to run events and incorporate the Realms more. Starting this week-end, we will run our first ever Realm event prototype. ... More

how to find square root of 1681

15129 is divisible by and I divided 15129/9=1681. If 1681 going to be a perfect square, it must be the square of a number that ends in 1 or 9, and is a bit larger than 40, because . I tried 41 and found that so ... More

how to get rid of frogs in my house

Tree frogs enjoy places that are dry and creep up into corners and crevices around your house. These animals are beneficial in the sense that they consume flies, which can work in your favor. However, they also produce waste and fecal matter that sometimes can be confused as rat feces. Getting rid of tree frogs can take some time and repeated efforts, but if you stick to it the process will ... More

how to catch fish in the whitsundays

Recreational fishing is permitted at most of the Whitsunday islands and no licence is required to fish in the marine waters of Queensland. However, we are governed by zoning regulations which apply to Great Barrier Reef waters. ... More

how to find atomic mass of isotopes

How to Calculate Atomic Weight - ThoughtCo. The atomic weight of an element depends on the abundance of its isotopes.If you know the mass of the isotopes and the fractional abundance of the isotopes, you can calculate the element's atomic weight.. ... More

how to get your learners qld

Be decisive, learners trying to turn right at lights can take too long to turn – there may be plenty of room but if you hesitate you can get into trouble. Prepare Paper work ... More

how to find automatic payments on paypal

This makes PayPal one of the mostly widely accepted and used payment gateway in the world. Given that you are reading this post further, like every business you too want to find out as to how much you have been making every month. ... More

how to find judgements online

Find Judgement Records on Anyone Instantly What are public records? Like the name suggests, public record is a piece of information that can be used in identifying a particular person and one that is available to general public. ... More

how to give players money gta online

Think of these GTA 5 money glitch tools as the fastest way to play GTA Online on “Easy Mode”. Once you flood your account with money you’re able to go toe to toe with all of those vets that have been stockpiling cash since day one, as well as all of those players that dump their own real-world money into the GTA economy. ... More

how to fix verandah to wall frames

Measure out from the wall to decide how much of the yard you’re willing to lose. Be creative and literally think outside the box for your veranda design. Consider if an ‘L’ shape will work better or consider working in curved edges to blend in with the landscaping. ... More

how to join lan server minecraft pc

I'm breaking my head to know how to make it always open the same port, but it always says "server opened at (for example), where is my LAN IP and the port, random. I made firewall exceptions for the ports after making the server, but it still appears. ... More

how to improve the look of old burn scars

The scars are dark, the skin on my hands look like of the very old woman with so many wrinkles. The scars are very noticeable. Can Bio oil help? The scars are very noticeable. Can Bio oil help? ... More

how to get the golden dinosaurs in dinosaur simulator roblox

Play and Listen black friday in dinosaur simulator will have a lot of limited dinosaur re sale againwe can finally get those dinosaur we cant get so save up those dna and go on a shopping spread thanksgiving Roblox : Dinosaur Simulator - Black Friday And ThanksGiving Mp3 . By GeminiSky Publish 2016-11-25. Play Download Ringtone. Dinosaur Simulator - Black Friday Event MADNESS! … ... More

how to get rid of booklice infestation

Here are 6 common ways to get rid of these tiny bugs. Psocids or booklice are attracted to moisture and often found in bathrooms. Here are 6 common ways to get rid of these tiny bugs. #howtogetridofpsocids #pestcontrol #psocids. Read it. 6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Psocids or Book Lice. Psocids or booklice are attracted to moisture and often found in bathrooms. Here are 6 common ways to get ... More

how to get soul trap spell in skyrim

25/05/2018 · Hi guys, Can anyone lay out for me how I can achieve Soul Trap on my weapons please. I am getting annoyed trying to fire off this spell to charging enemies, they close me down too quickly. ... More

how to breeed fish without touching them

To breed this predator fish in captivity you will need a tank (of 400 liters and more capacity) with a ceramic tube in it or a net stretched over the tank bottom. The following tank water parameters are optimal for the fish breeding: temperature 28-29°С, water hardness about 10°, рН from 7 to 7,2. ... More

how to find quelaags sister

... More

wow how to leave mardum

?? ??? ??? ??? ?? ???? ??? ???? ???? ?? ??? ??? ????? ???????? ... More

how to get body odor out of down jacket

29/06/2007 · Best Answer: I use Germ-X to kill body odors such as armpit odor. It wipes out bacteria and the consequent smell. The way I handle it is if I start smelling, I just grab the nearest Germ-X container and apply. Lysol wipes out a lot of other odors such as smelly sneaker odor. ... More

how to get to queen vic market

Shop 17-20, Deli Hall, Queen Vic Market, 9328 2003 The team at Bill’s are always friendly and helpful. We get our prosciutto, salami, bresaola, mortadella and ham all … ... More

minecraft 1.11.2 how to get a villager into a minecart

This Give Transportation Generator creates the Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac) 1.8 command you can use to give a player a custom transportation with names and lore. To start, select the Target player you would like to give the transportation to. ... More

how to get my wife to swallow my cum

I don't know your wife. Some ladies just won't do it but most will, in my limited experience. All mine have. My cum is the most precious gift I can give my woman. ... More

how to get into investment banking india

9/12/2018 In investment banking as in music, you need to be comfortable amidst changing scenarios, Chatterjee said. As the settings change you have to evolve in both banking ... More

how to paint a fish tank

1/05/2012 · I would think the best bet would be taking it off and spray painting it. Or tape up around the area really good and spray paint it. any overspray should come off with ease with a flat razor blade. ... More

how to find lateral surface area

Drag the dimensions to the appropriate place in the formula to calculate the lateral surface area of the pyramid. Use the formula, S = Pl. Now that you have correctly identified the dimensions, calculate the lateral surface area of the pyramid. ... More

how to find intersection of two lines in matlab

... More

how to get tighter skin on abs

Sit up straight again, using your abs. Smith suggests 10 reps of the alternating leg exercises, then 10 reps of the front and back exercise. Once you get strong enough, pull both legs up during ... More

how to find current from kvar

A Single phase 400V, 50Hz, motor takes a supply current of 50A at a P.F (Power factor) of 0.6. The motor power factor has to be improved to 0.9 by connecting a capacitor in parallel with it. Calculate the required capacity of Capacitor in both kVAR and Farads ... More

how to hit powerful shots in tennis

And yet a lot of players say it is a tough shot to make because of the time the ball spends in the air, with everybody waiting for you to hit it. If you miss, you tend to feel deflated, and it is ... More

how to keep dogs off grass

PLEASE KEEP DOGS OFF GRASS 8X12 Plastic Coroplast Sign with Stake NEW (Printed on 1-side) This sign was silk screen printed in our sign shop. ... More

how to earn get bonds in runescape

How to Earn A Bond In F2P From Level 3 - Part 3 - Oldschool Runescape F2P Money Making Guide [OSRS] Hey guys, and welcome to the final part of my f2p bond from level 3 series. Today I managed to buy a 4mil bond. ... More

photoshop how to make someone look like a ghost

Outsourcing this work may save your company a great deal of time and frustration in the long run, but if budget constraints require you to make the edits yourself, follow these seven simple steps to create your own ghost mannequin effect in Photoshop. ... More

hotel windsor toya how to get there

15/06/2014 · There is a traditional pastry shop opposite the main entrance called Li Yi (李仪饼店) that offers pineapple cakes, sun biscuits etc. Sampling was allowed and you should check it out if you have spare time. p.s. i didn't quite enjoy their sun biscuits and pineapple cakes. ... More

how to fix com google process gapps has stopped

15/08/2014 · "Gapps"= "google apps" so you may have deleted like "google +" or something tied to the framework. Also factory data wipe in the recovery menu doesn't restore apps that you have deleted. Also factory data wipe in the recovery menu doesn't restore apps that you have deleted. ... More

how to get rid of lower belly pooch after pregnancy

Some say lower belly pooch after pregnancy tastes like vomit. More charitably, others claim lower belly pooch after pregnancy has an air of garlic and almond. Many Japanese citizens believe the venomous reptile, called mamushi , has powerful aphrodisiac qualities and improves the nervous and circulatory systems. ... More

how to get a song to repeat on spotify

#3. Unlock some new features such as Shuffling, Seeking, and Repeating. On using the Spotify premium account, you can shuffle your song repeat them or use the seek feature to find your song … ... More

how to get member prices on expedia

Get exclusive member deals and special offers Join Expedia Rewards opens in a new window today. By joining Expedia Rewards, I accept all terms & conditions opens in a new window ... More

how to keep vpn connected

Each Web-based VPN connection actually uses two different IP addresses for the VPN client computer. The first IP address is the one that was assigned by the client's ISP. This is … ... More

how to get from buffalo to niagara falls

We are looking at flying into Buffalo NY on the 15th May, can we get a bus directly from the airport to the falls. If so, could you please post the link, as i would like to ... More

how to get dogecoin free

The first thing you will need is to create your wallet account or Dogecoin Wallet, now that you have a Dogecoin account we can get them logical in the following ways: 1) Collecting them free by using fawcet which are web pages that give doses, 2) Other The way to obtain it is through a process known as mining, this is one of the best ways to earn Dogecoin as long as you have the necessary ... More

how to lose a guy in ten days dress

"The dress I have always wanted since watching "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"!" Grace Loves Lace on Instagram: More than meets the eye, the COCO is like a modern work of art. Designed to leave a lasting impression, COCO is the perfect concoction of ... More

maplestory v62 how to get to sleepywood

Welcome to AznObama's Crossbow Man Guide. Here I will tell you how to build your Crossbow Man to be the best in Maplestory. Why be a Crossbowman ... More

how to find files on mac

Thats it? Yup, thats it. We didnt want to recommend potentially confusing Terminal commands that output a list of duplicates to a text file, awkward methods that involve scrolling through a list of all the files on your Mac in the Finder, or applications that require disabling the Macs Gatekeeper feature to run untrusted binaries. ... More

itunes how to get app store back

App Store links you click on websites like ours now redirect back to the browser and load an iTunes preview page showing information about an app. The problem is, iTunes Preview pages on the web currently dont offer a way to purchase apps. Previously, app links launched desktop iTunes showing standard app description along with the Get/Buy buttons. ... More

how to get printer to print to no scale

Additionally, use the Scale drop down menu in the Print window to select a larger printout size. Small printouts from Adobe PDF Reader In the Print window, click Size in the Paper Size & Handling section, then select Actual Size or choose a larger size in the Custom Scale box. ... More

how to get out of jury duty humor

After three or four questions from the judge, he told her that he doesn't believe a word of it; that she's only coming up with this to get out of jury duty; and that he's issuing a court order that she is to come to court for each day of the trial to watch. All under penalty of arrest, of course. Oh! And without jury … ... More

how to find and remove win backup files windows 10

File History is not enabled on Windows 10 by default, and the first thing that you need to do is set it up in the Settings application. To enable File History, do the following: Use the shortcut Windows-i to open the Settings application. ... More

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how to get rid of my dogs hiccups

Like humans, dogs get hiccups when the muscles that control the diaphragm involuntarily contract. If your dog has a short bout of hiccups, do not be concerned. In fact, hiccups can be beneficial for dogs, as they help them to relieve gas in the stomach. Hiccups can sometimes help your dog to relieve stomach irritation and help your dog to fix a momentary loss of coordination between the …

isaac how to get d6

Download the Bluboo D6 Stock Firmware, drivers, and SP flash tool, then you can follow our guide to install the firmware on Bluboo D6. Android always opens the door to various possibilities such as flashing custom ROM or kernel or APK modding etc.

how to make eyebrows grow naturally

If you’re wondering how to grow eyebrows, here is a list of amazing hair growth hacks that actually work! 5 Natural Eyebrow Growth Tips These are some of the most popular tips for growing eyebrows naturally.

audio track off sync how to fix

3/06/2010 · Every once in a while you’ll come across a video that has audio syncing problems. Sometimes it’s minor where the sound track and dialogue is off by a few milliseconds and it’s barely noticeable, other times it can be off by as much as a few seconds and this makes watching the video almost impossible.

how to lose weight and tone your body

Never Before Has Losing Weight And Looking Good Been So Incredibly Easy. Give Yourself a Healthy, Enjoyable Lifestyle That Everyone Dreams Of With These Pool Exercises.

how to get rid of flabby stomach male

I'm fairly content with my body except for one dreaded area: my stomach. The rest of my body (arms, legs, bum) are nicely toned. I'm not muscular, but I have definition in all those areas. However, I have a layer of flab over my stomach. When you push on it, you can feel the ab muscles beneath. All

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England: Nottingham ENG, Swindon ENG, Harrogate ENG, Swindon ENG, Kidderminster ENG, ENG United Kingdom W1U 7A1

Northern Ireland: Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, Belfast NIR, Craigavon(incl. Lurgan, Portadown) NIR, Newtownabbey NIR, NIR United Kingdom BT2 9H4

Scotland: Cumbernauld SCO, East Kilbride SCO, Hamilton SCO, Cumbernauld SCO, Hamilton SCO, SCO United Kingdom EH10 2B6

Wales: Barry WAL, Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Swansea WAL, Newport WAL, WAL United Kingdom CF24 9D6